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Scope of application

Temperature protection
Thermal protection of motors
Thermal protection of transformers
Time control

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Temperature range

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Temperature limiting
Temperature control
Current limiting
Temperature- / Voltage isolation
Time delay / Run-out



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Temperature, Current, Time:
Limitor GmbH offers high-quality components for controlling temperature, current and time.

The product range contains thermal overload protectors, temperature and current limiters, thermoswitches and controllers, thermal cut offs (fuses) and timers.

Electric Components:
The Limitor GmbH offers power cables, printed circuit boards, pumps and other components for the automotive and industrial branches or commercial partners.

Special solutions:
In addition Limitor GmbH offers professional advice and customized solutions.

Design features

  • Switches in plastic- or metal casing
  • Electrical connection with solid wire or insulated solid/stranded wire.
  • Metal casings are additionally insulated with tube
  • Huge range of connection types
  • Sealed casings for future insulation

Controls, Certifications
International Standards like EN 60730-2-9; 2-2; 2-3, UL2111, Glow-wire proof as per EN 60335 etc.
All our products are RoHS-/REACH-conform.

Switching temperature
Choose the appropriate switching temperature between -30 and 450 °C.
Possible to set reduced tolerances and special differential.

More safety with electrical self-holding
The electrical self-holding prevents the self-reset in case of thermal overload.
Equipment must be first detached from power in order to allow the switch to reset.

Nimble cutoff thanks to additional current sensitivity
Current sensitivity reached by additional serial resistance or using bimetal discs with different inner resistance.
Cutoff before the application reaches critical temperature.
Practical placement of the switch far from the temperature source.