Limitor - Timer switch


Our own plant produces high quality, customized timer switches; the functionality of every single switch is multiple tested and thus 100% reliability is guaranteed. The switches have different certifications, e.g. VDE or UL and can make at least 10.000 switching cycles.

For standard solutions we offer a wide range of commercial goods.

Area of Application

These switches are used whenever electrical components should be switched delayed in a certain and simple way.

Typical applications include time delayed turnoffs of fans ventilating bathrooms or ovens to remove water condensation.


If control voltage is applied to the control leads, the working contact closes time delayed. This contact system is galvanic separated from the control leads.

After removing control voltage the contact keeps closed for another delayed time which depends on ambient temperature and the time control voltage present.


Product name Product type Short description Performance Temperature range Product page Data sheet
ZNTimer switchDelayed switching for different applications.up to 2.5 A40 - 150 °C